What comes first – Strategy or Culture?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

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November 26, 2019

Culture is a blend of attitude, beliefs, mission, philosophy and momentum. As a result, culture helps to create and sustain a successful brand. The way people interact with one another and the overall growth of your company is affected by culture. What creates organisational culture? Culture is key in an organisation for long-term success. It is the most important thing in an organisation, and it applies at all levels, from the top of the organisation all the way down.  Rules, regulations, and operating standards are important, of course, because you must have systems in place to guide activities. But culture is the factor that stands above all others.


Strategy is often talked about in business incubators, in fact it’s a primary focus. Culture, however, is less understood.  Culture involves a variety of contributing factors including a blend of attitudes, beliefs, mission, philosophy, and momentum that help to create and sustain a successful brand. It represents the vision, norms, symbols, beliefs, behaviours, and traditions that are taught to new members of an organisation.  Organisational culture affects the way people within an organisation interact with one another and the people they serve, your customers.


There are many factors that go into building an organisational culture. Each successful company has a different combination of factors that makes their culture successful. The factors that go into building the organisational culture that will make your company successful are:


  • Its traditions – these are established by your initial core team. It is said that your first ten employees will determine your company’s culture so choose them very carefully and wisely.
  • Vision – this is closely linked to your PURPOSE and you should get all your people to know what your WHY is in the business so that they can buy into it and live by it.
  • Your company’s core values – all your employees should not only know what these are, but they should also play an integral role in deciding what they are and how to really live them in the business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Tip: All company values should include “Integrity”!

Check out the video clip of Simon Sinek on “How to Build a Company That People Want to Work For” because you will need a red-hot team to grow and scale your business successfully.


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