Tunisian Start-Up Ecosystem on the Rise

Technology Driving Entrepreneurs towards Growth

January 29, 2019

Tunisia is approaching ten years of democracy and a lot of work still lies ahead to empower its entrepreneurs. The SME ecosystem is seen as a critical factor in strengthening the country’s employment and funding challenges.

SMEs in Tunisia are not without their own challenges. Tunisia is a relatively small market with limited angel and venture capital funding. The entrepreneurial culture in the country is also not well developed as in many other countries.

Despite these challenges, there is an intense drive within the Tunisian ecosystem for talented SMEs to solve challenging problems.

The rise of technology is making life slightly easier for SMEs. Faster internet connections and STEM graduates have made it possible for Tunisian SMEs to expand globally. Tunisian SMEs are starting to get more attention in the local and global market.  

Read the full article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/columbiabusinessschool/2018/12/03/international-entrepreneurship-exposure-to-micro-markets-in-tunisia/#6bc8946f6061


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