Ovation Hall

Ovation Hall provides quality web hosting in Ghana with great features.

These include free domain names, free SSL certificates, and SSD Drives.

We also give our clients unlimited disk spaces and unlimited bandwidths. Ovation Hall was started by a team of experienced, and tech-savvy internet users, and enthusiasts.

After hosting several websites with other existing web hosting companies in Ghana and abroad, decided to start their own web hosting solutions. This is to provide better services and support that the others are not providing.

Most Ghanaians would want to own websites but they face one or more of the following challenges: 1. How to get started 2. How to make payment, and 3. How to get quality support.

We also transfer your website from your previous web hosting company with no extra cost Do you want to transfer your website from your current web hosting company? We can do that for you at no extra cost. Being it a WordPress website, Joomla, Drupal, or a hardcoded HTML, CSS, etc files, we can do the transfer for you. You only pay for the hosting package and get to benefit from all our best web hosting features.

These and many more are the reasons why we started Ovation Hall to solve all these problems with our clients.

1-10 employees